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Career Highlights

  • Four Olympic Games Appearances for Team USA (1988, 1992, 1994, 1998)

  • 500M Junior World Speed Skating Champion (1987)

  • Inducted into the National Speed Skating Hall of Fame (2008)

  • Owner of DC Hybrid Skating Training Center in Milwaukee, WI


Dave Cruikshank, a luminary in the world of skating, stands as the Head Skating Coach of UNRL Hockey, harnessing over two decades of expertise. Dave's illustrious career boasts four speed skating appearances for Team USA in the Olympic Games from 1988-1998. As the visionary owner of Milwaukee's esteemed DC Hybrid Skating training center, his transformative coaching has propelled countless players to greatness.

Fueled by a passion for enhancing skating skills, Dave epitomizes the UNRL spirit of relentless pursuit. With innovative teaching methods, he forges a path of unrivaled skating excellence. A revered mentor, he empowers athletes to unlock their true potential, unshackling the boundaries of their abilities. Dave is married to 5-Time Olympic gold medalist skater Bonnie Blair-Cruikshank and father to future olympian Blair Cruikshank. 

In the realm of UNRL Hockey, Dave Cruikshank assumes a pivotal role, embodying the indomitable spirit that drives us to greatness. With his extensive knowledge, remarkable experience, and pursuit of excellence, he propels UNRL Hockey towards unprecedented heights. 

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